About the Artist

Being raised a military brat and traveling the world from a very young age, I’ve come to realize all cultures are more alike than not.
We all want to be creative and to be ourselves in the process of living this life.

I am fascinated by the diversity of our world. I truly love to meet all kinds of people and learn their customs of foods and music and dance.

In my workshops , I create an atmosphere that opens us up to explore our true selves because I believe that there lies creativity.

Who am I, What do I Want and How can I serve and touch others lives? How can I capture a true portrait of a beautiful being without knowing these things? I feel that everything is as it should be.

My life has been full of wonderful people and animals that have inspired me to take pictures, cook , dance ,play music and live in harmony.

I married into the Indian culture rich with color, sounds and smells that tantalize the senses. I have the good fortune to photo & illustrate my mother in law’s Indian folkloric fairie tales with my photography and hand. The stories are rich with history, customs and intrigue.

Combining all of these elements is who I am and how I shoot.

I look forward to exploring your dreams and desires.


Patti Bose